Anders Axel Wallace, phdUX researcher & Designer

mockup gif of the science forward homepage in action
The brief
why the science forward platform was launched what is science forward definition of main problem and pain point for science forward defining the main challenge, including my responsibilities, skills used, project stakeholders, team members, and development timeline
understanding the old website cover page interviewing key project stakeholders doing a content audit and information architecture diagram of the old science forward website understanding competitors cover page doing market research and trends analysis looking at contemporary science education websites analyzing design standards in online open educational resources drawing inspiration from comparative analysis of cooking and recipe websites drawing inspiration from comparative analysis of video streaming websites deep dive on web usability and user experience cover page doing a heuristic analysis of key task flows on the science forward site doing usability testing using affinity mapping to find patterns in the data surveys and interviews cover page doing interviews with users over google hangouts doign affinity mapping to cluster my insights from user interviews summarizing the insights from my user interviews to create alignment with stakeholders doing a survey with a representative sample of users
the Insights
creating user personas creating user journeys distilling key insights
defining the mvp minimum viable product, by separating must-have features from delighters identifying key user-centric value propositions for the new science forward information architecture cover page asking users to complete a card sorting exercise converging on a site map to establish the information architecture sketching the user interface
the prototype

visual design cover page developing color and font pairings for the new site design language building a mockup of the homepage aligning on a design building high fidelity mockups cover page making clickable prototypes for desktop and mobile versions of the site
building it

wordpress website development home page front end web development making the site responsive adding key plugins for usability testing, community outreach optimizing colors for visual accessibility ready for lift-off cover page science forward mockup #2 science forward mockup #3 science forward mockup #4 science forward mockup #5 science forward mockup #6 science forward mockup #7 gif
what was the impact?