Anders Axel Wallace, phdUX researcher & Designer

my design philosophy

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you've enjoyed exploring my research and human-centered design work.

While you're here, here’s my user experience design philosophy.

As technology advances, it should always take account of how we use it. Design should understand something of our needs, dreams, and fears. It should enrich our lives and reinforce our humanity. It should make us feel. It should make us act.

Artful design means elevating the purpose of our design to a place where it becomes an experience – an experience that moves and inspires us.

How do we get there?

Include our audience as collaborators early and often.

Make things simple. Design should do one thing at a time, and make it comprehensible.

Like cooking, carpentry, or karate - build from small pieces. Build components, release them into the wild, and observe and make corrections.

Finally, learn by sharing with others. Design improves when you have an eye toward giving back to your community - your stakeholders, your users, and your team members.

If you feel this work resonates with you, drop me a message using the form below or connect with me using my social media links. I'm open to work opportunities, speaking or teaching opportunities, unexpected encounters, and little moments of serendipity snatched from the ocean of digital ephemera.

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