Anders Axel Wallace, phdUX researcher & Designer

mockup of radar homepage

The brief
strategic vision behind the radar data analytics platform the role i executed as ux designer user target, project goals, my role, and timeline for radar

The discovery
user research cover page

creating a ux roadmap

doing a heuristic analysis of the existing data platform

doing user interviews, extracting insights

insights cover page

prioritizing features based on user needs

prioritizing features based on an effort-impact matrix

deciding what features are needed for minimum viable product, and what features will go into the backlog

ux design cover page

creating user flows

creating detailed task flows and information architecture

drawing analogous inspiration from similar data analytics plaforms

sketching the core components of the user interface

Creating wireframes

making clickable prototypes

getting user feedback and making adjustments

ui design cover page

creating high-fidelity mockups

designing the radar logo

exporting HTML and CSS for the development team

consulting with the development team and fine-tuning the build in production

creating a design system

before and after, radar platform visual snapshot comparison

radar mockup #2

radar mockup #3

radar mockup #4

radar mockup #5

radar mockup #6

radar mockup #7

radar mockup #8