Anders Axel Wallace, phdUX researcher & Designer

a mockup of the Brooklyn Ask App

The brief
context and setting for the brooklyn ask app redesign brooklyn ask app problem statement

target, goals, my role, and timeline for the brooklyn ask app ux project
qualitative ux research cover slide

using topic modeling and text analysis to understand ask app user behavior

ranking the most popular phrases across the corpus of ask app chat logs

affinity mapping the results of qualitative and quantitative user research to uncover insights

quantitative data analysis cover slide

text analytics to understand user sentiment across brooklyn ask app chat corpus

data visualization of most popular locations in brooklyn museum where users use ask app

using text mining to understand which art and artists users are chatting about most

the Insights
whiteboarding to cluster insights and develop insight statements

grouping the most typical questions users have

developing user personas based on principles of archetypal branding

ideation cover slide

creating distinct user journeys for each of our user personas capturing our top insights as anchor points to lead our ux design stage
the Design
designing the ux cover page

building task flows for the app redesign

sketching the interface

creating lo-fi wireframes

putting skin and v1 UI components on the wireframes

high fidelity UI design cover page

creating a mood board for design inspiration

selecting typography

building a design system

ask app iphone mockup 1

ask app iphone mockup 2

ask app iphone mockup 3

ask app iphone mockup 4