Anders Axel WallaceDesign Anthropologist
user experience researcher at work
About Me

I'm a user experience researcher, designer, and strategist.

I help for-profit and non-profit organizations understand their users and transform their products or services into compelling and engaging experiences that mix digital and traditional media.

My services span the entire path from ideation to final product. My approach to human-centered research and design is informed by my skills as a cultural anthropologist. This means I'm trained to understand human behaviors, as well as their underlying values and motivations, in ways that allow me to translate my insights into durable and adaptable strategies that scale. It also means that my passion for generating solutions to complex human challenges is grounded in qualitative and quantitative data that enrich the core organization and team behind any single product life cycle.

I'm skilled at building relationships with stakeholders from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. I speak five languages, and am consistently recognized for my adaptability, creative problem-solving, and self-starting nature. I thrive in fast-paced collaborations with cross-functional teams.

Read on to see a breakdown of my work process, explore my projects, or to get in touch with me.

My services
User Research
I identify and define user segments. I use research techniques including ethnography, surveys, focus groups, workshops, text mining, the exploration of social networks, and other data analytics to draw deep, actionable insights on user needs, values and behaviors.

Strategy conceptualization
I collaborate with the client to conceptualize a custom-designed strategy for re-imagining user-centered products, services, and experiences. The tools I apply include storyboards, user flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and social and behavioral maps.

Design execution
I develop a model plan. As appropriate, I design apps, websites and web logs, while also pursuing more traditional marketing approaches such as visual content, branding materials, articles, white papers, teaching and training activities, and presentation decks.

User Testing
I test the model plan for effectiveness, using both web analytics and traditional user testing methods, including usability tests, surveys, focus groups, heuristic evaluations, rapid prototyping, and observation in the wild with real users.

Product Launch
I assist the client in developing rollout logistics, including tech implementation, building stakeholder partnerships, selecting media channels, growing audience engagement, and building design collateral.

Iterative research
I analyze metrics of user engagement and impact. I suggest improvements on an ongoing basis, as well as lateral transformations in product strategy that open up untapped market potential.